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Posted: Nov 23, 2017

Hirshfeld Atom Refinement

HARt is a program which performs Hirshfeld Atom Refinements (HAR) within a terminal environment or within the newly implemented HARt interface inside Olex2. HAR is a refinement procedure that applies tailor-made aspherical scattering factors obtained from a theoretically calculated electron density.


Posted: Jun 9, 2015

Olex2 1.2.7 Alpha Released!

We have just released the first alpha version of the next version of Olex2. Version 1.2.7 incorporates many small updates and fixes, plus new and exciting functionality. As always, the alpha version may at first be fairly unstable and will change frequently during the early stages of the release cycle. Please let us know as soon as you can when something unexpected happens!

Posted: Mar 10, 2015

2000 Olex2 Citations!

We have just hit 2000 citations on Google Scholar! The main Olex2 paper was published in 2009. Please remember: whenever you use Olex2, please cite us: J. Appl. Cryst. (2009). 42, 339-341. Here's the link to the paper itself: doi:10.1107/S0021889808042726.

Posted: Mar 10, 2015

Tutorials Broken in Olex2 1.2.6

In the current release of Olex2 (1.2.6), the Tutorials in the Home tab do not work. The fix is relatively easy, but deploying it at this point in time is not. 

Posted: Mar 7, 2015

New Documentation Section

We have updated the on-line documentation available from this website. Please let us know what you think about the way this documentation information is currently organised. Hopefully this documentation section (see the link above!) will keep growing rapidly over the next few weeks and months.

Posted: Dec 20, 2014

'Acta A' Article Published

Our latest publication: "The anatomy of a comprehensive constrained, restrained refinement program for the modern computing environment – Olex2 dissected" has just been published in the IUCr journal 'Acta A'. (Acta Cryst. (2015). A71).

Posted: Dec 9, 2014

Hong Kong Open Lab

Over 30 participants from India, China, The Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong gathered at HKUST, hosted by Prof. Ian Williams and the IUCr, represented by Prof Michele Zema. In five days of intensive lectures, tutorials and hands-on sessions the participants gained valuable insights into the basics of diffraction as well as practical aspects of routine crystal structure determination.

Posted: May 9, 2014

Olex2 Workshop at the IUCr in Montreal

There will be an Olex2 workshop on Tuesday, August 5th. This is the official 'workshop' day of the conference and our workshop will be in the afternoon. There is also a ShelX workshop in the morning of the same day that you may also be interested in. For more information please visit the IUCr Workshop page. See you there!
Posted: Feb 8, 2014

ShelX 2014/1

Recently, there has been an update of ShelX called 'ShelX 2014/1'. We assume that more of these updates will happen in the future, and it isn't feasible to track all of these different versions. So we have changed the way Olex2 handles the ShelX executables: From version 1.2.5 onwards, Olex2 will recognise the following (on Windows, Linux users please excuse the inclusion of the '.exe' part in the description below, but it does make it clearer!): standard shelx program names ...
Posted: Jan 16, 2014

Olex2 at the BCA Spring Meeting 2014

We invite you to join us at an Olex2 workshop just before the BCA Spring Meeting. The workshop will be held over two day days on Monday April 7th (pm) and Tuesday April 8th (am) at Loughborough University Olex2 is a powerful tool for small molecule crystallography designed to be simple to use for novice users whilst providing complex functionality and tools for more experienced users. Olex2 enables users to carry out structure solutions, structure refinements, create reports, easily ...
Posted: Sep 24, 2013

NZIC 2013 in Wellington

An Olex2 Workshop will be held at the NZIC 2013 meeting in Wellington, New Zealand, on December 1st 2013. The workshop will begin at 1.30pm and will finish at 6pm, in time for the conference mixer. In this half-day event, we will have plenty of time to introduce the basics of working with Olex2. The workshop is be suitable for absolutely anybody who has an interest in working with crystal structures, and no previous experience in the field of crystallography is necessary.
Posted: Sep 11, 2013

Workshop at the AsCA in Hong Kong

There will be a full-day Olex2 workshop at the first day of the AsCA in Hong Kong on the 7th of December 2013.

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Did You Know?

The latest version of ShelXL is fully supported by Olex2. 

Please use the latest versions of ShelXL. If you haven't updated to ShelXL-20XX yet, then please get your copy now by searching for SHELX on the web!

What's New

Olex2 Workshop at the IUCr in Prague 2020

Olex2 Workshop at the IUCr in Prague 2020

This workshop has now been postponed to the IUCr in 2021 There will be an official Olex2 Workshop at the start of this year's IUCr on Saturday, 22nd August in Prague. Registration now...
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