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Image Resolution in DPI

Author: OlexSys Ltd/28 June 2013/Categories: Documentation, Images, Structure Display, Display Structures, Generating Figures, Reports & Images

[caption id="attachment_2052" align="alignleft" width="424"]The GUI from which physical image size and resolution can be set. The GUI from which physical image size and resolution can be set.[/caption] From version 1.2.3, thanks to the support in the wxWidgets 2.9.4, Olex2 will write resolution meta-data into raster image files. You will no longer need to calculate the required width of an image (in pixels) -- simply tell Olex2 the required width (in inches or cm) and the resolution (in dpi) and the width will be calculated for you and the dpi value will be written to the meta-data of the image file.

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The latest version of ShelXL is fully supported by Olex2. 

Please use the latest versions of ShelXL. If you haven't updated to ShelXL-20XX yet, then please get your copy now by searching for SHELX on the web!

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