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RECIPROCS: Bordeaux 1&2 July 2013

Author: OlexSys Ltd/26 July 2013/Categories: News, Workshops

P1090815The Olex2 workshop held in the context of the RECIPROCS meeting immediately before the French Crystallography Meeting (AFC) was a great success. The 25 participants were very highly motivated and it was a pleasure to work with this group. RECIPROCS is a French network of those people who actually work on the diffractometers and as such the level of crystallographic experience in the room was -- as expected -- extremely high. Most of the participants had not worked with Olex2 before and we hope that this workshop has alerted the participants to this very useful tool for everyday crystallographic work. We would like to thank Arie van der Lee and Olivier Perez for inviting us to deliver this workshop. bruker_logoWe are very grateful to Bruker France for supporting this event by covering the full travel expenses for Oleg and Horst. Thank You! [caption id="attachment_2118" align="alignleft" width="550"]The participants at the the Olex2 workshop. The attendants of the the Olex2 workshop.[/caption]

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Olex2 Workshop at the ECM in Vienna 2019

Olex2 Workshop at the ECM in Vienna 2019

There will be an official Olex2 Workshop at the start of this year's ECM32 on August, 17th (Sunday) in Vienna, Austria. Registration is open to all -- whether you attend the ECM or not!

13 March 2019/Author: OlexSys Ltd/Number of views (718)/Comments (0)/

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