Crystallographic Teaching and Support at it's best

Get going with your crystallography!

Whether you are stuck with a particular structure and need help, or wish to learn the art of pracical structure determination in a relaxed online environment – we can help.

Problem Structures

If you are stuck with a particular structure and would like some expert advice, we can help. We will provide a free asessment of the problem, advise how to proceed and provide a quote if you would like us to finish the job.

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Pre-publication Check

Your structure is finished and you are ready to submit it for publication. Would you like us to perform a pre-publication asessment of your structure? If we advise to proceed, we will deal with any issues a referee may have later!

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Refree Response

If you submitted a structure for publication and need to provide a response to a referee, we can help! If possible, we will provide a response that you can use or advise alternative steps if this should be required.

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Personal Training

We are available to provide personal, 1:1 training concerning most aspects of small-molecule structure determination. Within our team, we can draw on a large pool of practical experience.

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Small-Group Training

We provide regular small-group seminars, each with a particular focus on some specific area of small-molecule structure determination. The maximum number of participants is 6 persons, ensuring that nobody gets left behind.

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General Courses

We also provide live lecture style events, covering more general topics around structure determination for interested chemists and beginning crystallographers.

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We are a growing team of professionals with many decades of practical experience in many fields of chemsitry. We will be able to assist you with whatever problem you may have. Our training seessions offer an outstanding experience in a relaxed online atmosphere.