About OlexSys

OlexSys Ltd is a small company based in Durham, in the North East of England. We develop the crystallographic package Olex2 - the world's favourite software for working with small-molecule crystal structures. We are also behind LabSafe - a highly sophisticated laboratory chemicals safety management system.
We started as a spin-out company from Durham University in 2010 and have remained small, independent and research-focused ever since. We maintain strong links with the academic community in general and Durham University in particular.

Oleg Dolomanov

Oleg is one of the founding members of OlexSys and has been involved in Olex2 development right from the start.

Horst Puschmann

Horst is one of the founding members of OlexSys and has been involved in Olex2 development right from the start.

Judith Howard

Prof Howard has been instrumental in getting Olex2 and OlexSys ‘off the ground’ and is a founding member.

Michael Bodensteiner

Michael is running our business development from the German office.

Florian Kleemiss

Florian is a software developer for OlexSys focussed on the implementation of the Non-spherical atom models.

Georg Stammler

Georg is a specialist for dealing with tricky crystal structures and is instrumental in making sure that Olex2 lives up to its expected high standard.

Aileen Congreve

Aileen handles our business administration and is the first contact for all enquiries

Michael Seidl

Michi is an expert in evaluating the quality of a crystal structure and in assisting with difficult structures.

Florian Meurer

Florian assists in the website development and the execution of LabSafe projects.

       Get in touch!

Please email us at helpdesk@olexsys.org directly or use this form with any query you may have regarding any aspect of what we do.
If your query is about technical support with Olex2, please make sure to include the version of Olex2 and your operating system. It is also helpful to include relevant parts of the log file (and not screenshots) -- just type 'log' into Olex2!

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