Laboratory Management with safety and compliance at heart

Labsafe: You need it!

Designed specifically for institution-wide use within research laboratories, LabSafe is a web-based software system which provides for the electronic control, documentation and management of materials hazardous to health (COSHH).

Chemical Inventory

Know where all your chemicals are and gain instant access to all relevant safety data for each material.

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Emergency Response

Gain instant and complete access to the exact location, amount and relevant saftery data for all materials in any given location.

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Safe Chemical Storage

Manage your chemical storage by compound and hazard class. Keep things that shouldn’t mix well apart and safe.

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Tracking & Reporting

Manage your chemcials before, during and after their lifetime on your site.

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Protocols & Planning

Protocols and Experiment Planning help you keeping track of potentially hazardous procedures happening on your site.

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Controlled Materials

Keep on top of use, stock-levels and mandatory reporting of Controlled Substances.

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Storage Analysis

Enable meaningful safety inspections by providing computerised storage analysis.

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Safety Training

Generate customised safety training modules and monitor the progress and safety status of your staff.

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Developed initially for the Chemistry Department at Durham University, LabSafe has been designed to maintain the chemical materials inventory and the required safety documentation, in combination with a controlled electronic request and authorisation process for ordering new materials.