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Olex² Software

Olex² is a simple to use program containing everything you need to solve, refine and finish small-molecule crystal structures using an intuitive user interface, honed over ten years of development.

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We are expert and  professional crystallographers and offer our services direct to you. From crystallizing compounds in our labs through to final publication, we will take of your needs.

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Training & Education

We love sharing our knowledge and experience and can offer to setup your new diffraction facility for best results. Our workshops and seminars will get your and your staff up to speed quickly.

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Olex² Extensions: ReportPlus and DrawPlus

The worldwide standard for solving, refining and finishing small molecule crystal structures

Strengthen the value of your diffractometer investment with OlexSys software and extensions. Benefit from our expert, controlled and systematic crystallisation services, laboratory setup consultation, training workshops and we will even check and finish your structures, generate structural images and crystallographic text to meet the most stringent publishing requirements.

OlexSys - Don't diffract without us!

Did You Know?

The latest version of ShelXL is fully supported by Olex2. 

Please use the latest versions of ShelXL. If you haven't updated to ShelXL-20XX yet, then please get your copy now by searching for SHELX on the web!

What's New

Two Olex2 Workshops in Southampton: June 12/13 2018

Two Olex2 Workshops in Southampton: June 12/13 2018

There will be two Olex2 workshops organised by the UK National Crystallography Service in June.

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