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Commands: Analysing Structures

Commands: Atom Connectivity

Commands: Changing the Structure View

Commands: Customising the GUI

Commands: Disorder Modelling

Commands: Fixing Parameters

Commands: hkl File Operations

Commands: Selection Syntax

Commands: Symmetry Operations

Commands: Tables, Reports & Images

Creating Extension Modules

Customise: Change Atomic Radii

Customise: Molecular Display

Customise: Molecular Display

Customise: Shortcuts and the Main Menu Bar

Customising: The Main Toolbar

Drawing a Helical Chain Around an Axis

Drawing a Helical Chain Around an Axis

Extension: 3D Plus

Extension: ReportPlus

How to: Change Default Programs

How to: Change P1 to P-1

How to: Change Space Group Setting

How to: Colour Fragments

How to: Colour Fragments

How to: Console and Graphics settings

How to: Copy the naming scheme

How to: Display structures in a stereo view

How to: Get e.s.d values for measurements

How to: Model two Atoms on the same Site

How to: Model two Atoms on the same Site

How to: Overlay Molecules

How to: Pack & Grow

How to: Parameter recalculation

How to: Rotate a Group Around a Bond

How to: Run Olex2 from a Memory Stick

How to: Select atoms that have become 'too small'

How to: Tables of Selected Parameters

How to: Work with AFIX instructions

How to: Working with Maps

Installing Olex2

Keyboard Shortcuts

Olex2 and Platon

Olex2 and Platon

Olex2 Extension Modules

Olex2 Extension Modules

Olex2 Programming Architecture

Olex2: Version and Tags

Screen Display Labels

Screen Display Labels

Solution and Refinement Engines

The Olex2 Command Line

Troubleshooting: Enable Hardware 3D and Antialiasing

Troubleshooting: Fix Tooltip Problem

Troubleshooting: libpng problem on Linux

Did You Know?

The latest version of ShelXL is fully supported by Olex2. 

ShelXL-2013 was officially released in the beginning of the year. Get your copy now by searching for SHELX on the web!

What's New

Get our 2017 calendar electronically!

Get our 2017 calendar electronically!

Every month, we will be releasing the current sheet of our 2017 OlexSys Calendar ready for you to download and print. The files are in 1800 x 1200 px resolution, which means that they are ready to...
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