Getting Started

Download, install and configure Olex2

It is easy to get started with Olex2. It runs on all common computer systems and no special system requirements need to be met.

Olex2 contains everything that is required to work with small-molecule crystal structures. SolveRefineFinish :)olex2.solveShelXT, ShelXSSuperflipolex2.refineShelXLReports, picturestables, CIF etc

Download and Installation

Olex2 runs on all common computer platforms. There is no complicated installation procedure and nothing needs to be compiled.

Download all version of Olex2 here.

Olex2 Versions

If you are new to the processing of crystal structures, we have the official release version of Olex2.

This version is the most stable of Olex2 and is regularly updated. If you want earlier access to new features, you can try out the Beta or even Alpha version.

Be careful, sometimes small bugs make their way into these versions, but get usually dealt with rather sooner than later!

For more information about the different Olex2 versions see Olex2 Versions.

Find out more

Find out what Olex2 can do to improve your structures in our Documentation.

Installation Notes

Olex2 Versions

What versions of Olex2 are there and which one suits me?

Settings & Customisation

Getting Around Olex2

A guide to the Olex2 interface.