mode grow

Display directions where the molecule can grow… and then do a lot with that!

[-s] [-v] [-b] [-shells]

Displays the directions in which the molecule can be grown.

  • -s: also shows the short interaction directions.
  • -v: [2.0 Å] shows directions to the molecules within the v value of the Van der Waals radii of the selected atoms, which can be generated by clicking on the direction representations. Only unique symmetry operations (producing shortest contacts) are displayed. If an atom is selected before entering this mode, the environment of only this atom(s) can be grown.
  • -r: shows “growing bonds” to symmetry equivalent atoms of the selected one(s) within 15 Å. Shortcut CTRL+G is used to enter the ‘mode grow’
  • -shells: only applicable in >>mode grow -shells - allows growing atom by atom. If a ‘grow’ bond is clicked, only the immediate attached to that bond atom is grow, if the atom with outgoing ‘grow’ bonds is clicked - atoms for all bonds are grown