Mouse Tracking

How to use the mouse in Olex2

Once you get used to using Olex2, the mouse actions will become second nature to you. Depending on what software you have used before, you will find the mouse actions in Olex2 more or less intuitive.

Command Description
HOLD LEFT MOUSE Rotates the model
HOLD RIGHT MOUSE Zooms the view (or zoom-able objects)
ALT + LEFT CLICK Zooms the view (or zoom-able objects)
CTRL + LEFT CLICK Rotate around the (Z) axis perpendicular to the screen
HOLD LEFT + HOLD RIGHT Moves the molecule laterally
CTRL + SHIFT + HOLD LEFT Moves the molecule laterally
SHIFT + HOLD LEFT Draw box to select atoms
LEFT CLICK on object Selects the object (atom, bond, plane)
DOUBLE CLICK on an atom Selects the molecule
RIGHT CLICK background Opens the display settings menu
RIGHT CLICK on object Open the object property (context) menu