A few interactive self-paced tutorials to get started with Olex2

Tutorial header

This panel contains a number of tutorials to instruct the user about the main features of Olex2.


It is recommended to start with the QUICK DEMO tutorial, which gives a general overview of Olex2.

Basic Commands

This tutorial introduces the user to the most commonly issued commands in Olex2.


In this tutorial, the user is introduced to the important ways of expanding a structure on the screen from the asymmetric unit to packed 3D assemblies (and how to reverse these expansions).


The Measurements tutorial deals with how to make geometric measurements on the structure.


This tutorial describes the different ways of sorting atoms in a structure with Olex2.


Crystal packing commands available in Olex2 for examining intermolecular interactions are described in this tutorial.

Mapping & Masks

A large number of mapping and masking tools are available in Olex2; this tutorial shows the user how to employ these tools to analyse a structure.

3D View Tutorial

In this tutorial, the user is introduced to the various ways available for viewing a structure in 3D, with and without special equipment.


Olex2 is capable of making sophisticated graphics files of crystal structures. This tutorial introduces the user to the various options available for creating images of the structure.

Customising the GUI

This tutorial shows how to modify the appearance of the Olex2 GUI to suit one’s needs.