Quick Access Icons

An overview over the icons used in Olex2
Icon Function
Opens a text editor containing the refinement instructions in SHELX .ins file format. You can edit these instructions in this window. Olex2 manages your edits.
Displays atomic information including associated constraints and restraints in a text editor. If no atoms are selected all atoms are displayed, if atoms are selected only information relating to those atoms is shown.
This will open the folder for currently loaded structure. This folder should only contain ONE .ins and ONE .res file, but may contain many .hkl files. There will also be an .olex folder in this subdirectory – this is where Olex2 keeps the details relating to the current structure.
Displays current console buffer - what is seen in the graphic screen e.g. relating to refinements, suggesting space groups, calculating geometry, studying intermolecular interactions (the buffer has limited size and can be cleared using >>clear command). This is useful if you want to copy and paste any of this information into other documents. A full transcript of the entire session can be obtained by typing >>log. Use PGUP and PGDN keys to scroll the buffer.
Li_Twins Info
If Platon is installed on your system, and the platon.exe file is “on the system PATH”, this icon will open Platon with the current .ins or .cif.
This will try and assemble a fragmented structure >>compaq -a, adjust the zoom and >>centre the structure on the screen. Structures should not normally fragment, but sometimes they do.