Introduction to Olex2

Installation of Olex2

Olex2 is available free of charge for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and you can download the installers and zip archives here. The Windows installer is a small application which downloads the appropriate Olex2 installation files for your system. In most cases, the installation will be very straightforward, but various manual options available – including compiling your own version from source code repositories. For Mac OS X there is a DMG image for the release version and zip files for alpha and beta releases. Currently, we only provide 32-bit builds for Mac. For Linux, there are zip files for 32 and 64-bit versions of the operating system.

For a standard installation, Olex2 must be installed and launched at least once in an administrator mode for all of the features to function. Alternatively, the software can also be installed in a custom location, for example, your home directory.

Olex2 Versions

There is always one official release version of Olex2. This is the version that you probably want to install – and using the standard installation methods in their default mode, this is the version you will automatically get. For more information about the different Olex2 versions see Olex2 versions.

Updating Olex2

Unless you change the settings in the menu bar (Help > Update Options), Olex2 will automatically check for updates on start-up if you are connected to the internet. If updates are found, these will be downloaded in the background and applied on the next start-up of the software. Updates only happen within the same series and variant (see above) – eventually the current 1.3.0 version of Olex2 will update to the 1.3.N version, but it will not automatically update to Olex2 1.5 or higher – instead a notice regarding the new release will appear.