Olex2 Versions

What versions of Olex2 are there and which one suits me?

There is always one official release version of Olex2. This is the version that you probably want to install – and using the standard installation methods in their default mode, this is the version you will automatically get. At the point when the release version is made, the corresponding alpha, beta and release will all be identical (see below).

Olex2 will also automatically update itself within each major version.

Olex2 major versions

Currently, the official release version of Olex2 is Olex2-1.5. Previously we had other versions leading up to this, but they have no longer any relevance. If you are still using Olex2-1.3 (ir the even older Olex2-1.2 ), please update Olex2 to the latest version. This must be done manually – there is no update path between major versions.

Olex2 release cycle

We maintain a fairly simple release cycle for Olex2. When we make changes, we will release an alpha version. This will be tested by a relatively small number of users, and once that version is stable, we will ‘upgrade’ this version to the beta. At that point, the alpha and the beta are identical. Now there is a larger group of people using this and we listen to feedback and fix what we can before we make that version the official RELEASE version.


So, once a new release has been made, all versions within the major release are the same.

ALL versions of Olex2 are independent of each other. You can install them all, and they will not interfere with each other.

Distribution of operating systems for Olex2
Distribution of operating systems for Olex2

Olex2 is multi-platform and will run on Windows, MacOS an Linux. Most Olex2 users are running this software on Windows. Please bear with us when Olex2 is a little behind ‘state of play’ when major updates with operating systems cause things to break. This is pretty much outside our control and we will do what we can to make sure things run on all operating systems.