Olex2 Commands

Understanding the Olex2 Command Line
This document describes some of the commands that are used in Olex2. Many of these commands are also available directly from the Olex2 Graphical User Interface. Most items on the GUI have a small *info* symbol I_TINFO next to them, where you can find out more about any of these items.


Introducing the Olex2 Command Line

Understanding the Syntax

Understanding the Olex2 Command Syntax

Changing the Model View

Changing the visual appearance of the molecule

Fixed and Refined Parameters

Fix and free parameters: occupancy, xyx, uiso

Atom Connectivity

Changing the way atoms are connected to each other

Symmetry Operations

Symmetry commands

Constraints and Restraints

Commands relating to the application of constraints and restraints

Selection Syntax

How to select things in Olex2


Adds a bond to the connectivity list

HKL file Operations

What Olex2 can do with the hkl file

Customising Olex2

Things you can do to make Olex2 your own

Tables, Reports and Images

How to get tables, pictures and reports

Structure Analysis

Tools to analyse your structure

All commands

All documented commands