Setting Default Programs

Setting up external programs such as text editors and web browsers

To change default text editor, html editor or folder browser, you need to set the Olex2 variables associated with these programs. To keep the changes permanent, create the file ‘custom.xld’ in the Olex2 installation directory. For example the following construct placed in that file sets programs for KDE:

<user_onstartup help="Executes on program start"
  <body <args>
      <cmd1 "setvar(defeditor,'kate')">
      <cmd2 "setvar(defexplorer,'konqueror')">
      <cmd3 "setvar(defbrowser,'konqueror')"> 

This defines a function which is called when Olex2 starts up, please note if there are several functions with the same name are found in the files - the last one will be used. Please avoid overriding any functions in the macro.xld file as that may cause Olex2 to function incorrectly.