Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts in Olex2

There are plenty of pre-defined keystrokes and these can be very helpful.

Key Stroke Action
F2 Toggles the solid background colour.
F3 Toggles atom labels.
F4 Toggles the gradient background colour.
F5 Activates the Work tab.
F6 Activates the View tab.
F7 Activates the Tools tab.
F8 Activates the Info tab.
F11 Toggles full screen mode on/off.
SHIFT+F11 Toggles GUI panel on/off.
ESC Deselects selected atoms or quits the current MODE of operation (such as atom labelling, grow etc).
DELETE Deletes selected atoms or Q-peaks.
CTRL+A Select everything.
CTRL+G Enters the grow mode.
CTRL+H Toggles the H atoms through show H / show H with H- bonding interactions / hide H.
CTRL+I Inverts the selection. If nothing is selected works as ctrl+A
CTRL+M Toggles the electron density maps as per Tools>Maps
CTRL+O Launches the Open File dialog.
CTRL+Q Cycles through no Q-peaks /show isolated Q-peaks /show connected Q-peaks.
CTRL+R Runs a refinement.
CTRL+T Cycles through hide molecule and show text /hide text/show molecule /show text and molecule.
CTRL+U Deselects all of the current selection.
CTRL+Z Undo the last action. It works whenever possible.
ALT+<– Reselect your last selection.
TAB Expands the command (when typing in OLEX’s console).
UP Key brings the previously issued commands from the console.