Extension Modules

Various extension modules are available for Olex2
  • ReportPlus: This module allows the generation of highly customisable, quality structure reports, either for a single structure or for multiple structures. This is very useful when it comes to combining structural data from multiple structures to create a set of structures ready for publication.

  • OrtepPlus: While just about any ORTEP “look” can be achieved with Olex2, getting the settings right can be quite a cumbersome undertaking. This module provides an easy-to-use GUI and a variety of commonly used presets for the generation of ORTEP-style pictures.

  • DrawPlus: This is a collection of quick drawing styles that allows the production of sophisticated structural drawings and packing diagrams. Hydrogen bonding networks and pipi bonded systems, for example, can be visualised in publication-quality drawings at the push of a button.

  • PovrayPlus: Povray is a vector output format that allows for sophisticated rendereing of 3D objects. Creating POVRAY input files can be a daunting task and this module produces images and movies (fly-arounds, fly-through etc) instantly. You will have to install the POVRAY rendering engine (available for free) separately.

  • 3DRendering: This module can create the input files that are required for 3D printers in various formats.