Getting Around Olex2

A guide to the Olex2 interface.

Olex2 provides a Graphic User Interface (GUI) through which many common crystallographic tasks can be completed.

The Olex2 GUI

Familiarise your self with the Olex2 GUI

Quick Access Icons

An overview over the icons used in Olex2

GUI Tabs

The Tabs in Olex2

Command-Line Options

Olex2’s powerful command line

Context Menus

The Right-Click Menu

File Editing Options

File Editing in Olex2

Mouse Tracking

How to use the mouse in Olex2

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts in Olex2

Toolbox Work

A collection of useful tools

Atom Label Display Options

How to display and label atoms

Changing the Structure View

Different atom styles

Going Back - Using the History Tool

How to go to previous versions of your structure