Atoms are not spheres! Non-Spherical Atoms in Olex2.
The basic workflow of Hirshfeld Atom Refinement (HAR) in <b>NoSpherA2</b>

The basic workflow of Hirshfeld Atom Refinement (HAR) in NoSpherA2

It is now possible to refine routine structures with olex2.refine using non-spherical atomic form factors. This technique is state-of-the art and will improve your structures significantly.

NoSpherA2 constitutes a real game change in the way routine structures will be done in the future – and it is here, right now, for you to try.

The mathematical, theoretical and practical details of this technique are necessarily quite complex – but that doesn’t mean that it is difficult to use NoSpherA2! If you want to dig deeper we refer you to the original paper at DOI: 10.1039/D0SC05526C.

If you use NoSpherA2 you agree to cite the following literature in your main manuscript.

  • Kleemiss et al., Chem. Sci., 2021, DOI: 10.1039/D0SC05526C   Download PaperPaper

NoSpherA2 is included with all versions of Olex2-1.3 – in up-to date versions, it is activated by default – ready to use! – if your version of Olex2 isn’t up to date, then please make sure you have automatic updating switched on and get the new version.

Florian Kleemiss gave a lecture on NoSpherA2 at the Rigaky Advanced Crystallography School on 11/12/2020. This video is well worth watching in full if you are interested in this subject!

This is an older recording (March 2020) of a presentation by Florian Kleemiss, the principal author of NoSpherA2, explains what this is all about. It is about an hour long, but will give you a good insight into what NoSpherA2 is and what it isn’t!


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