Pack the structure, with many different options

a_from a_to b_from b_to c_from c_to [atoms]

Packs all or specified atoms within given dimensions.

  • -c: prevents clearing existing model.

>>pack $O will pack all O atoms with the default of -1.5 to 1.5 cells range.

from to

Equivalent to pack from to from to from to, like >>pack 0 1 is expanded to pack 0 1 0 1 0 1


Shows content of the unit cell. In conjunction with >>grow -w, it allows the creation of views where all asymmetric units contributing to the unit cell are shown.


Packs the volume of the structure inside a 3D selection box. You can select 3 atoms and type >>sel wbox to create a box around just that part of the structure. To keep already shown box around atoms and work on another part of the structure, use the $-c$ option.


Packs fragments within radius r of the selected atom(s) or the centre of gravity of the asymmetric unit.