Make PostScript “ORTEP” style pictures


Generates a post-script file of what is visible in the molecule display. The bond width is taken from the display. This can be changed with >>brad.

  • -atom_outline_color: the colour of the atom outline, used for extra 3D effect for the intersecting objects [0xFFFFFF]
    • -atom_outline_oversize: the size of the outline [5]%
  • -bond_outline_color: same as for the atom, can be changed to black to highlight bond boundaries
  • -bond_outline_oversize: the size of the outline [10]%
  • -color_fill: Fills the ellipses with colour.
  • -color_bond: Bonds will be in colour.
  • -color_line: Lines representing the ellipses will be in colour.
  • -div_pie: number of stripes in the octant [4]
  • -lw_ellipse: line width [0.5] of the ellipse
  • -lw_font: line width [1] for the vector font
  • -lw_octant: line width [0.5] of the octant arcs
  • -lw_pie: line width [0.5] of the octant stripes
  • -p: perspective
  • -scale_hb: scale for H-bonds [0.5]